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Discover our private cloud solution for increased operational agility, security, and greater business efficiency. Get enterprise level solutions without the enterprise level costs.


Empower your Remote Working capabilities, automate IT tasks and achieve greater business productivity. Transform your business with our Modern Desktop solutions.


Simplify your operational process by removing IT complexities whilst retaining full control and access to your data and information.


We assess vulnerabilities in your network and servers to save your business time and money. Mitigate cybersecurity risks and improve operational resilience.


Simplicity IT has the tools and expertise to help your team achieve rapid business recovery in response to malware attacks, network intrusions, and other incidents.


Simplify your IT operations, improve service quality, enhance the end-user experience, and convert your capital IT costs into operational expenses.

IT Project Management

Increase business performance and productivity with our wealth of project management knowledge and experience.


Migrate your data with ease and limited downtime whilst maintaining control over the IT environment.

Bonit Sharma
Manager, End User Computing, Weill Cornell Medicine

What keeps me up at night? Managing 6000+ windows endpoints using an SCCM infrastructure from 10 years ago! That’s exactly where we were until Ameer from Simplicity IT came to our rescue. The upgrade to the latest version of SCCM was not easy or straightforward as we encountered a few complex issues. Fortunately, Ameer helped us address the issues and now our OS updates and software deployments have some of the best hit rates we’ve ever seen!

Thanks Simplicity IT for helping me sleep a little better at night.

Teri McDonald
Assistant to the Director of Operations, Crystal Enterprises, Inc.

Our Company's server crashed, we had a complete lost in Financial files, Employee Records as well contract documents, Simplicity IT was available and resolved the issue efficiently, resulting in minimal down-time in our Company's Operations.
For us, Simplicity IT not only restored all of our data and rebuild a even better server, He streamlined our processes, we can access information and work more effective and expeditiously.

Here at Crystal Enterprises inc., we think Simplicity IT’s help-desk support does an 'Outstanding' job. The staff is always available to offer assistance with exceptional dedication and in a timely manner.